Warehouse Suppression System

SKU: Warehouse Suppression

Warehouse layouts and configurations present many unique challenges. Customer’s needs are met while utilizing the protection requirements that are set forth in the Rules and Regulations of the State Fire Marshal. We utilize high mount visual extinguisher signage which includes pole wrap signs, flat signage, and 180 degree fire extinguisher signs. Fireguard Extinguisher Service Inc. addresses many of the issues that present potential issues to fire extinguishers including impact damage from forklifts, blockage due to warehouse merchandise, dislodgement, and other potential issues that can prevent accessibility to the fire extinguishers. We make every effort to provide adequate protection with a minimum of exposure for this kind of damage.

We work with our customers to help identify and address special needs and hazard requirements, and complete the needed coverage with the required use of Halotron 1 extinguishers, ABC extinguishers, and BC extinguishers.