Two Range Hoods at One Cylinder Price

SKU: Range hood suppression

Fireguard Extinguisher thinks about the consumer! We love to see you save money as well as provide excellent service. How did we do it this time? Simple!

-- Two Hoods Covered for The Price of One Cylinder --

Restaurants require specific and individual coverage. The suppression systems that are utilized for the protection of the cooking lines, exhaust hoods, and exhaust ducts are designed and installed for each customer as a unique and individualized suppression system. In most cases, these systems are one of a kind. Some systems are larger, while others remain nice and small.

In the case of this installation, our customer needed to provide protection for two hoods while maximizing space in the kitchen and keeping the budget low. Fireguard Extinguisher Service designed a suppression system that utilized a Rangeguard six gallon cylinder and a Universal Control Head. Both hoods were serviced by one gas main which allowed the customer to save additional money by installing only one mechanical gas valve.

Through out the installation photos, the use of liquid tight seals can be seen at all penetration points into the exhaust hoods (Required by NFPA 17A, NFPA 96, and Rangeguard). These seals ensure a proper for all piping and conduit. Additionally, the liquid tight seals provide a secure attachment to the exhaust hoods for the discharge piping and detection lines.

Extra care is taken with the installation of the necessary conduit lines for remote pull station and mechanical gas valve, and the copper actuation line from the Universal Control Head and the system cylinder.