Research Facility Hazardous Material Storage Protection

SKU: HMS Suppression

Fireguard Extinguisher Service Inc. was presented with the scenario of providing individual coverage and fire protection of the compressed gas storage containers and mixing apparatus. All prior inquiries from this company to other fire protection companies were met with the same response, this request was not possible and the entire room would have to have a separate dry chemical system designed and installed in addition to the existing wet pipe sprinkler system that was already present in this room.

With the invaluable help from Badger Corporation, multiple dry chemical suppression systems were created, designed, approved, and installed to fulfill the very challenge that this project presented to Fireguard. The Badger IndusrtyGuard dry chemical system allowed us the flexibility of providing specialty fire protection coverage. Infrared detection sensors provide the necessary coverage in detecting sparks or flash, thus setting off the dry chemical suppression system automatically.