Fire Suppression in Spray Booth

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A Typical Installation of a Fire suppression SystemFor a Double Wall Spray BoothWithDown Draft Exhaust

Auto body paint spray booths are designed in a wide range of variations.  One of the more popular varieties happens to be the double walled spray booth.  This particular model presents some unique challenges when designing and installing a fire suppression system.

Since the actual metal covering both the inner and outer walls is extremely thin, all materials that are secured to the booth must have backing plates on the opposing sides.  As an example, if the cylinders are mounted to the outside of booth as depicted in the photos, then additional flat backing stock must be secured with through penetrations of the mounting hardware to evenly disperse the weight and thus making a secure and strong installation.  The use of backing plate material is used with all necessary pipe, conduit, and component piece mounting for our fire suppression systems. 

Secondarily, all penetration points for the discharge nozzles are secured by using liquid tight seals.  By using these seals, two things are accomplished.  First, the discharge piping is securely attached to the booth, and secondarily, the penetration point is securely sealed to keep paint vapors from escaping and positions the discharge nozzle as close to the ceiling area or other penetration point to help provide maximum coverage as stated by the manufacturers of the fire suppression systems.  By doing this, Fireguard Extinguisher Service can confidently install all necessary components needed for a fire suppression system and ensure a proper installation that will with stand many years of use by our customers.

The attached photos show a typical two cylinder installation for a double wall paint spray booth.  The use of a Badger D.C. 45 and a Badger D.C. 21 provide proper protection for the work area, plenum area, and exhaust duct.