Down Draft Spray Booth Suppression System

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How Fireguard Extinguisher Service installs a Typical Single Wall Down Draft Paint Spray Booth Fire Suppression Installation

The most common style of auto body spray paint booth is the single walled heavy duty galvanized metal booth with bolted flange construction that utilizes a down draft fresh air supply and an exhaust that is commonly referred to a pant leg plenum.

The attached photos depict a very typical Badger D.C. 70 dry chemical installation that utilizes six discharge nozzles to provide complete protection of the work area, exhaust plenum, and exhaust duct.

The fire suppression system is securely attached to the paint spray booth by the use of welded metal studs and the use of uni-strut to securely attach all necessary components, pipe, and conduit , thus ensuring solid finished product that can reliably used by our customers for many years. Additionally, all nozzle penetrations are secured with liquid tight seals to help securely attach the discharge piping to the paint booth and to keep the nozzles as close to the penetration point to help ensure maximum coverage.