Aegis Control Monitoring Panel

SKU: Aegis Monitoring Panel

The original industrial suppression system (Badger D.C. 45 & D.C. 21) was equipped with a time delay that resembled a 2.5 lb portable extinguisher and lots of ¼” copper tubing. Additionally, the suppression system had no means to monitor itself and send a signal to the client’s fire alarm monitoring system.

Fireguard Extinguisher Service Inc. was contracted to perform the semi annual service and provide an Aegis Control Monitoring Panel to act as a monitoring and signaling device for the end users fire alarm system to interface with. These connections were completed by an outside alarm company.

During the course of the semi annual service and installation of the Aegis Control Panel, our technicians replaced an outdated and obsolete actuation time delay. By doing this, several feet of unnecessary ¼” copper tubing was replaced with high pressure steel braid hose and the use of a more efficient time delay (provided by Badger Corporation) that attaches directly to the bottom of the Universal Control Head. Additionally, Job style fusible links were installed within the detector brackets of the suppression system to complete the factory mandated service requirements.